My Pet Dungeon - locking enemy spawn level in toybox is not persisted in save file

Max Ignatenko 2 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 2 years ago 4
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So, yeah, locking enemy level in toybox is not persisted, at least in autosaves. Automatic wave spawning is though, so loading from save can result in enemies getting stronger when they shouldn't.

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Hi Max,

Apologies for the delay in my response I've just got around to doing a pass through all our tickets. That said I went into the game and tested the behaviour you highlighted. From what I can tell this is working as intended.

Automatic wave spawning increments the level of each wave by one for each wave that is spawned. Therefore each wave becomes more powerful, there is no way to lock this via the tools.

What I did notice is that upon loading the save the Toybox UI does not display the level that the automatic wave spawner is using from its memory. Once the next wave is spawned the level will be corrected to this value. Is this the issue you are facing.



Sorry, since the feature is somewhat obscure, I should've laid out more specific steps to reproduce.

1) Start one of My Pet Dungeon missions

2) Switch to "My Pet Dungeon Tab" in the UI

3) Click on "lvl 1" label in that tab, notice a lock icon apperaring on top of it

4) Enable automatic wave spawning in the same tab

5) Kill spawned enemies, notice that the next wave is spawned as level 1 as well

6) Save the game and load back immediately

7) Switch to "My Pet Dungeon Tab" in the UI again

8) Notice that now there's no lock icon on top of enemy level indicator

9) Also notice that automatic wave spawning is still enabled

10) Realize how bad things would go if you didn't check this right after loading the game :)


Hi Max,

Great thanks for the replication steps. I can confirm the behaviour you're facing and you're right that is a truly esoteric feature! I had actually forgotten we put that in.

Good spot however I'll add this to our backlog for the next triage pass.