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Crash on Startup

Sims_doc 2 years ago updated by Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 2 years ago 3

Just installed the game, get's to the loading screen with the picture of a creature and the logo with the update.

It just gets about half way then crashes.

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Hi Sims_doc,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing crashes after installing the game. Can you please provide us with a log, system specs and dxdiag output as outlined in this article: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket

Can you also ensure that your Windows install is completely up to date and your graphics drivers are on the latest version.


Sims_doc via email 2 years ago

I've already uninstalled the game, it became rather unbearable to load and play with the auto-save function absent from this version.

I'll check in a few more years and see if this game is a bit more stable, I'd love to see it out of beta by 2020 personally.

Sincerely, Troy Pearson.
Completed - Resolved

There is a quicksave on F5 with quickload on F6. You can turn on automatic quicksaves in the Gameplay settings too and then load them from the load menu