Worker AI

flashnimi 3 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 5

Workers overprioritise fortifying walls. They ignore impasse flags to continue fortifying walls. 

Workers wont claim a shrine if there is sacred ground next to it. They can dig gold next to the shrine but they wont claim it even if you set a rally flag on it. 

You cant build bridges on water, only molten bridges work. 

I encountered all this problems playing skirmish vs AI on the map Border War

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Steam Public

"Workers wont claim a shrine if there is sacred ground next to it."

Have you claimed the ground directly adjacent to the shrine?

I think I realised all ground must have a route of claimed ground back to your core to be claimable. Yeah it makes sense now, thanks. Ignoring impasse flags is still weird though.

For Impasse flags there are two modes - the default mode only stops them from claiming territory within its area of effect. The second mode (activated by left-clicking the flag) will prevent workers from passing, so use this to stop them from fortifying walls.


I'll drop this into our triage queue for our support patch pass in the coming months. Can't confirm whether all or even any of these issues will be addressed. To best help us please provide replication steps, saves, scenarios or videos which could help us identify the circumstances in which some of these things occur.


These are all working as intended