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My game crashes on startup

mooglord 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 5

I get past the splashscreen and the progress bar fills up but as soon as it gets to the main menu it hangs and won't even let me start a game. The loading screen options do not appear

All my drivers are up to date, Win 10 up to date, game reinstalled twice, files verified 100%, no AVG installed

Game Version:
Steam Public

It seems this error comes up several times before it crashes:

D3D11: Failed to create RenderTexture (1920 x 1080 fmt 44 aa 1), error 0x8007000e

Pending Customer

Could you please try and use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove your graphics drivers and then install the latest from your manufacture?

Let us know if that helps.


Completed - Resolved

Assumed fixed due to lack of reply, will reopen the ticket if response received