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Level 12 - complete level after only destroying one of Korvek's Dungeon Cores

Kasrkin84 3 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 6

I watched the above Let's Play the other day, and noticed that he completed Level 12 of the WFTO campaign after destroying only one of Korvek's Dungeon Cores. I recently reset my campaign progress so I can't check it out for myself just yet.

The relevant part of the video is from 22:30 onwards (when he begins the assault on Korvek's dungeon).

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Hi Kasrkin,

Thanks for the report, it's likely a unique issue with one of the scripts and we'll see if we can deploy a fix in an upcoming release.

Thanks a lot!


I've just had a chance to play this level again for myself, and I can confirm that you don't need to destroy both of Korvek's cores to win, only the southern one. In addition, the dialogue/narration for the level will be played as if Korvek was defeated if you only destroy the southern core (i.e. Mendechaus' "one down" and "two down" lines, and Kasita/Draven's reactions to his defeat).


Moving into the Triage queue. We'll be doing a pass sometime in the new year. :)

Noticed some other weird stuff that happens when defeating Korvek on this level if you don't leave him for last. After destroying his Dungeon Cores, his workers don't die, his traps and doors remain intact and it isn't possible to claim the Cores.

I can confirm that this issue of needing to destroy only 1 of his 2 cores is still present in the current version of the game.

Also that the audio queues for this level seem to trigger at odd moments (not sure if they are his defeat sounds or not)

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