My Pet Dungeon Level 2 - Gold Pile loaded Defense Part texture

The Real Korvek 4 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 3 years ago 7

Core Information:

OS: Windows
OS Version: 10 Home

Bit: 64-Bit

Ram: 16GB

CPU: Intel i7-7700 (3.60GHz)

GPU: MSI GTX 1080 Ti Duke (11GB Video Ram), Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 (8GB Video Ram)

War For The Overworld Version: v2.0.3

Information: on 7/11/2018 I was playing Level 2 of My Pet Dungeon to try and finish the level but it was getting late so I had to get off so I did and I saved my process to continue the next day (7/12/2018). So its the next day I launched War For The Overworld and launched the save file I had since yesterday, to my surprise I have found a Defense Part that has the same properties as a Gold Pile but it has loaded the Defense part texture instead of the Gold Pile texture, so I reported it to Discord and a few people told me to test some stuff with it and what I have tested so far was I picked it up (still loaded the Defense Part texture), Dropped it in a cannon blueprint (just stayed in the cannon and did nothing), and dropped it in the Vault and it dispersed into the proper gold size as normal gold would but once I pick up the same tile it turns back into the loaded Defense Part (what is odd is that this is the only Gold Pile I have found that loaded the Defense Part and no other Gold Piles did).


https://prnt.sc/k5q755 - A look at the Gold Pile that has the loaded Defense Texture

https://prnt.sc/k5qfqk - Dropped Gold Pile in a blueprint cannon and it sits there with the Defense Part Texture

https://prnt.sc/k5qj2i - Gold Pile picked up and still had the loaded Defense Part Texture

ScreenShots have been captured with Lightshot.

Save File:


Output Log:

Launcher Log:
War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

None, since its a bug in the game and I cannot do anything to trouble shoot it

Game Version:
Steam Public

I've had this problem before as well - I think it works both ways though, with gold piles appearing as defence parts and vice versa.

Ok, so its just not me, well that's good to know.

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Hi Real Korvek,

Thanks for the report I'll pass this to Cian so he can have a look over it.



I've loaded the save file and couldn't see this issue. However it seems small enough that it shouldn't be a problem