Many bugs in skirmish games

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I'm encountering several bugs while playing skirmish games. (1) Not all creatures respond to rally flags, this is especially noticeable for creatures that have been corrupted in the torture chamber. This becomes a serious issue in long games, where many of your forces are former enemies. (2) Some units who have been corrupted simply do their own thing regardless of anything. They seem to congregate where the skirmish map design says they should, regardless of the fact that they have since changed sides. Even a Recall spell doesn't interrupt this behaviour, no sooner do they arrive in their lair do they return to the congregation spot. This may be limited to Templars. (3) The moon gate is a great addition, but some units seemingly aren't able to pass through. If you place a rally flag, and the quickest way is via a moon gate, some units reach the moon gate but don't go any further. They continually 'walk' towards the moon gate right at its edge, and remain so until they get angry. Even if left long enough to rebel, they don't move from that spot. Such units cannot be picked up with the hand of god, only a Recall spell on the rally flag can move them. (4) Some units health markers retain the colour of the original owner regardless of the fact they have changed sides. (5) Some units health markers are tiny. (6) Witch doctors will interrupt their imbibing to heal other passing units, so much so that they will follow a unit some considerable distance while continuing to heal them (think enemy bosses who have been converted, who retain a low health after conversion). I have a save game where all these issues are clearly displayed but I don't know where/how to upload.

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(7) Some non-beast units inexplicably end up in the beast pits, similarly some workers end up in the jail.

I noticed same thing, usually imps and spirit workers from my games

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Please send us the save file sop that we can look into this.

How to: Locate your save files

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I also second the moongate issue, I’ve noticed even during normal behaviour (no rally flag placed) that my creatures, especially imps will head for moongate and sometimes they don’t get teleported so they continue forward as though they had usually ending up huddled in a corner of the moongate tile if I’ve placed it in a corner section of tile space.

Upon loading the save file I could not replicate the issue, I rallied the minions and they all followed the flag, many using the moongate without issue.

And this map is probably pushing the limits of the game, so some computers will struggle.

That being said we have duplicate reports of minor issues with the moongate, so this will be looked at nonetheless in another ticket