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Crashing on volta mission 2

johnmw544 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

OS: windows 10 64bit

RAM: 16gb

GTX 970

i7 4790

Version 2.0? (says 2of9 in the top left of game)


During Volta, Mission 2 (Blood Stream), I am consistently crashing. This last time I reached over 15 minutes before the crash. However, I have not been able to get past this point. The game just CTD's every time. Not much else to say really.

Output log is below:

New Text Document.txt


Game Version:
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Hi Johnmw544,

Sorry to hear about the crashes you're suffering from.

There's certainly something interesting happening in your log. I'll pass this through for review by our QA Analyst for a more trained eye to go over it.

Can you confirm if you've tried to reinstall the game, sometimes updates can go a little strange and cause odd issues.



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Could you follow this guide please:


Completed - Resolved

Assumed fixed due to a lack of response