Map Editor: minor graphic issue on locked doors when reloading a map

journeywithin 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Very small issue but I wanted to report it none the less.

If you right click a door and "lock" it, the game changes the door graphic to have a lock.  However, when you reload the map, the door appears as normal again, even though it is "locked" if you right click on it.

Solution: when the door loads, check if it is locked, and use the locked door graphic.

Game Version:
Steam Public

I could not replicate the issue. Which doors did you tested with, and was it for your own faction. If not did you verified that the AI was disabled. How did you reloaded the map ? Was it a save load or in the editor ?

I was using 3 width doors and 5 width doors for empire.  I'll post the save when I get home.

my pet dungeon shadow realm_edit_76561197993291628

Go to the north-west empire layout.  There is an inhibitor in the corner.  The doors before it are 3 width, locked and have ai disabled.  They don't have lock symbols on them.