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Nemesis shrine stopped creating banshees

Aotrs Commander 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 9

On the forth Undergames level, the four nemesis shrines in the centre have stopped generating banshees. This behavior appears to not be solved by reloading the save.

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Steam Public

Had the same bug on the last level as Volta, I had all 3 but it stopped producing

The shrine produces 3 Banshees and waits for them to be destroyed before new ones spawn.

Any chance the 3 Banshees got stuck anywhere and were never destroyed?

I think the issue here is that no matter how many shrines you have, you're capped at three banshees, rather than getting three banshees per shrine like you should do.

Same problem here. Reloading a save or restarting the game seems to fix it, but after enough time in a level it seems inevitable.

Confirmed. Opening the game again today and loading the save, the banshees started up again. Interim solution would appear to be exit and restart game and load the save.

Over time it does seem to happen again though. Seems to only be a temporary fix.

Seems rather variable. It seemed to stop again after a few minutes, and then after another quit and reload, carried on until the end of the level.

If this was DK1 I would query whether there is some sort of max creature cap, but I don't know whether WftO has such a thing...?

Completed - Next Patch

Hey Aotrs Commander

Thanks for the information, this is a known issue we're tracking internally and we'll be looking to resolve it for the next patch. I've added some extra notes from this thread to the bug report - if you find out anything new, please add it here.