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solid black invisi-blocks after changing them.

mrvrod_wpg 4 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 5

I created a map where shrines and gateways would be blocked with the indestructible blocks. I placed one quartz block by each wall to be used as the trigger.

I used the "on changed block" with the target quartz block changing to dirt from mining.

The action was then to change all the indestructible blocks in the wall to earth.

This map was the first map where I used copy for all the block change areas and just changed the blocks involved for each.

I saved the map then I used export and test to check the map. After the quartz was mined, the indestructible blocks changed to fortified, dig-able earth but were solid black.

I checked my script, saved again  even though nothing had changed, and published the map locally.

After mining the quarts the same solid black earth showed up.

I did mine the invisi-block and it changed to dirt and then a claimed tile, both visible.MapHole.jpg

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A few more things... this is a single-player, custom map (61x119). I'm running Windows 10 x64. Although all indestructible blocks turned invisible when switched to earth, the area where indestructible blocks were turned to lava worked fine.

I  also tried moving the quartz blocks thinking that being adjacent to the changing blocks might have an effect but got the same results.

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