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UI lag

Spam Alamabimbam 6 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 6 years ago 3

AMD Phenom II, 945

Nvidia GTS 450

10GB Ram

The game runs fine, but interacting with the main menu is very fustratingly laggy, and interacting with the UI in game. It'll hang for a bit when I mouse over, and a second later the click will register.

I've been experiencing this bug for years, but I figured it would eventually get fixed, but it seems like this bug hasn't been. I've seen other people complain about the bug, and solutions get given that don't seem to work. I don't have dual GPUs, I used to have another ATI card plugged in, but now it's just the single Nvidia one.

The game itself runs fine, I can rotate smoothly and everything, but the 2D UI is incredibly laggy, with 1000ms lag or so.

Game Version:
Steam Public

I've found that the lag is completely gone when I reduce the resolution to 1280x800, though it seems like a massive shame since the 3D part runs perfectly at the previous 1920x1200, so there's clearly something wrong with the UI.

Found the forcing DX11 trick, which seems to have worked.

Completed - Resolved

ah, very good. i saw your ticket just now so i presume everything is resolved for you?

i will complete the report then.