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bombard targetting

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Bombard targetting is buggy. To see it make a new map, place an empire bombard on a tile surrounded by chasm tiles, place your melee units and make them run around the bombard. Some of its shots will be way off.

Could be the same bug as this.

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I gave this a try with an Empire Bombard and Gnarlings but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Were you using a specific type of unit? If I'm not mistaken Bombards are liable to miss a unit moving too fast.

Did notice a couple of unusual issues while testing though, for some reason the Bombard's VFX has become unsynced in the latest hotfix and they also occasionally have a delay before roughly 1 shot in every 20. I'll pass these through but welcome further replication steps for the ticketed issue.

You can reproduce the bug on this map. Buggy bombards don't just miss, they fire in opposite direction.


Thanks for the map, with this setup I can indeed replicate the issue and identify it clearly. It seems there are two cases occuring here from what I have observed. 

Firstly when a Bombard has already fired at a target which has just died (usuually due to another Bombard) it can sometimes cause the Bombard to rotate on the spot and face a new direction, shifting the whole model but also the tracking point for the target it was following. This can be seen in the below video at about 35 seconds in on the second to right most bombard.

Secondly for an unknown reason a Bombard may fire in an incorrect direction instead of it's target as if inverted. I couldn't determine the cause based on a brief glance and it will need more of a look into by the code team in-engine as opposed to my quick surface analysis. This can be seen occurring with surprising regularity in the video below.

Another issue of note is that for some reason Melee units appear to be stopping to engage the Bombards in combat even if they can't reach them. I'll make an internal ticket for us to investigate that further.



The VFX was delayed. It is now back in sync and you shouldn't get often misfire

Cian Noonan as discussed, the optimization you made got rid of an important bone allowing the rotation of the bombard.

Can you expose it again and don't forget to tag the gameobject with Rotatable tag. Cheers

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