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'Blood imp' line

Webbernever1 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 6

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    Skylake 14nm Technology
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    Alienware 0FG0DK (U3E1)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Dell)    46 °C
    ForceWare version: 378.66
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The game shall occasionally use this line, even though 'blood imps' are now called 'workers'. The actual voice over states 'workers' but the text still reads 'blood imps':

Game Version:
Steam Public

The following lines all say blood imp:

  • narrator_misc_line_0052
  • narrator_misc_line_0287
  • narrator_misc_line_0295
  • narrator_misc_line_0297
  • narrator_misc_line_0307
  • narrator_misc_line_0318
  • narrator_misc_line_0329
  • narrator_misc_line_0356
  • narrator_misc_line_0357
  • narrator_misc_line_0358
  • narrator_misc_line_0362

Hi webbernever1,

Thanks for reporting this! You're right, there are quite a few cases in the misc narrator lines where the text says "blood imp", but the voice-over says "worker". I should hopefully get time to resolve these next week.


Hi webbernever1,

I have edited the references to "blood imp" to say "Worker", so they match the voice-over. The fixes only apply to the English language at the moment, but I will ensure we get localised versions too. The fixes will be going out in an upcoming patch.

Some of the lines weren't being used by the game, so I've flagged these as such in GameText, which will stop them appearing in future GameText exports to the community. Those lines not being used are:

  • narrator_misc_line_0307​
  • narrator_misc_line_0318​
  • narrator_misc_line_0356​
  • narrator_misc_line_0357​
  • narrator_misc_line_0358​
  • narrator_misc_line_0362​

Thanks again for reporting the issue!


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