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Beat Stephen fright master AI but did not get achievment

Eversmile Convert 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7


I set out to try and beat all the AI's on master level to get the theme reward unlocked. After getting through all the others, I went up against Stephen Fright. I won the level but I received no achievement. I thought that maybe i hadnt change the AI to master, and so i played the level again, beat him again but still with no achievement...

I have won against the Stephen Fright AI about 5 times now and Im starting to lose heart....please help...(all the other master AI achievements have been given)

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Problem addressed and essentially solved within a day. What more could one ask for?

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Hi Eversmile Convert

Can you just confirm which map you played the matches on? As the award is only unlocked by beating him on "official" maps rather than community made ones.


I can confirm that this achievement isn't working, I'm really sorry that you had to suffer through 5 fights to learn that.

Once this is patched I will tell you a work around that will allow you to get the achievement without having to fight him again.

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Expect this to be fixed in the next patch

Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately I was at work and missed your question about which map it was but I'm glad you identified the problem. Great customer service! Thanks

After having played sooo many matches against him(yes Steven Fright is now a person to me) i feel that it would be rude to not defeat him fair and square. Besides, I have a pretty solid strategy for defeating him now. :p But thanks, I'll keep his kryptonite on standby...

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This has now been fixed