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Outpost+Construction still blocked after changing campaigns.

woudo 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 7

After playing Heart of Gold, I can no longer use Construction to build Outposts in the default campaign.

Checked both levels of the campaign where Construction was enabled (Final level + Kira/Draven/Korvek) and in both instances, Mendeclaus will say, "The Construction ritual will not summon outposts in this realm..."

Restarting the game had no effect.

I imagine resetting campaign progress would fix the issue, but i'm not willing to test that just yet.

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Not even an Artifact of Construction worked.

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Hey woudo,

This is something that was only allowed for the My Pet Dungeon levels

The tooltip specifies that it is only disabled in Heart of Gold.

"Channels your essence to complete all constructs across the entire map. If a construct in damaged during the process, it will not be built. In the Heart of Gold campaign Construction cannot be used to summon Outposts."

The combo works in Skirmish mode and is nigh useless in the main campaign anyway, and definitely does not break either of the two levels it's possible on (Last and second-last). I am 100% certain it is only supposed to be disabled in Heart of Gold, as almost all of those levels can be broken using it.

It's your call though.


Ah wait so your issue is that it worked before and now that you have started Heart of Gold it no longer works, correct?

Sorry about that yes you are right, it is only supposed to be blocked in Heart of Gold

Hi woudo,
From discussing this internally, it seems that the Construction ritual was not intended to summon Outpost constructs in any Campaign mode - not the main campaign, nor Heart of Gold. I have updated the tooltips of both items to reflect this, and also updated a corresponding loading screen tip. (This is currently for English text only - we will aim to get new localisations of the appropriate lines as well).

Thanks again for reporting the original issue. These fixes will be going out in an upcoming patch.


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