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Minion bar disappears with too many different minions at 1920*1080

Temp13 4 years ago updated by Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 4 years ago 4

After googling this seems to be an older issue, but now with the new My Pet Dungeon dlc it is ever more obvious.
When I get too many different minions my minion bar just disappers until I reduce the UI size to small enough that the minions show up again, but the UI becomes a pain to click.

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The UI scale setting is incredibly unstable, I recommend trying to find a sweet spot when the UI doesn't disappear and sticking to that scale.

I know this isn't optimal but the way the setting is implemented makes this near impossible to fix.

I don't get it, the unfixable part and my game suddenly deciding to load the minion bar scroll function.
Upon a reload today for the first time this week the minion bar did show at 83% ui scale with a scroll function, and I assume there hasn't been a patch for this overnight.
So there is already a built-in scroll function for the minion bar, so why isn't that function kicking in when there are too many different minions for me most of the time?

Sorry I wasn't very clear about the cause.

In the last patch we changed the way that the UI portraits scale when you have a large variety of units. When you reach the maximum of this scale and have the UI shrunk it will briefly exceed the max size of the bar and disappear. As you have found you can work around this by finding a sweet spot on the UI scale.