Key conflict when possessed

nepgenvn 6 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 6 years ago 3

Due to the inability to clear keyboard input, editing the keyboard controls for a possessed minion is impossible.

For example, since I'm using an azerty keyboard, each time I try to move forward (normally W, here Z), it opens the Veins of Evil menus.

Could you make it possible to clear the inputs?

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Except for Nanorock unilaterally declining and basically telling me to go fuck myself, it was okay.

Satisfaction mark by nepgenvn 6 years ago

Not strictly a bug but I agree this is an issue. I'll pass it through and we'll have a look into the possibility for a future update.

It is possible by temporary assigning to different keys, but I agree this is a bit cumbersome.
What you can always do though is Properties->Browse Local Files
go to subfolder WFTOGame_Data\GameData
and edit Options.txt containing all keybindings manually to your wishes.