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Some Imperial characters cannot be sent for torture

See screen.

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Some Imperial characters cannot be sent for torture

I'm in my map marked out a few neutral heroes (a special, that do not come via gateway).

2 of them, after the loss of consciousness (KO), not long got my imps. Then they were in my prison. But I can't throw them on the torture wheel.


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1. There is no adequate information on a significant part of the gameplay. The inability of torture can break the idea in some maps.

2. The prohibition of torture is harmful.

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Not a Bug

At the moment this is working as intended. Not all hero units are intended to be convertible (Tubo and his wife amongst them) that said we may look into an option in the future to make some generic versions for the Map Editor.

And how players need to LEARN what heroes can be tortured, what - not? Where information about it now, in the map editor? And what is the meaning of the prohibition of torture for some?


Technical reasons mostly. Some units are marked as non-recyclable on their prefab and in that manner they cannot be recycled by any means including conversion. This is because of their role in campaign levels.

Because the units in the Map Editor are exactly 1:1 the exact same prefab as the one used in the campaign they are subject to the same limitations. Thus when you place them they have the same restrictions placed upon them as they would have in their campaign levels.

To resolve this we would need to create duplicate prefabs with new options. Something we'll look at for a future update. For now this is working as intended but we agree that further clarity is needed as well.