Suggestion: Multiple output_log.txt files

Thulium 6 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 6 years ago 3

Hi dev's,

After browsing about on the list (in order to find information about submitting bugs and providing some info on a bug I've been experiencing).

It seems that one of the 'core' pieces of information you require is the output_log.txt files from the bug reporter.

Would it be possible to let the engine create multiple of these files, say max 10?

I would suggest output_log_x.txt where X is a number between 1 and 9. Where X is the Nth launch before the current launch. So you have filelist like so:

- output_log.txt: the last session (or currently running one)

- output_log_1.txt: second before last


Then players only need to figure out in which session they encountered the bug :-)

Kind regards,


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Hi Thulium,

first of all, thank you for thinking about improving the game.

These are the topics which help to develop the game into an even better one!

Anyway, this time I think this suggestion could also lead to more problems.

Before my inner eye, I can already see the coders being completely confused because quite a few community member can't remember in which game session they encountered the bug so the uploaded the wrong output log (or even better: all output logs) to their Bug Reports.

Sometimes it is good if you have to reproduce the bug once again to send us the log. Maybe in the second try you find details you missed the first time. These could help to fix the issue even faster.

So all in all I see what you mean, but I don't think that anything like this is going to be implemented soon.



Hi Marados,

Legit point, maybe only in your internal build then. I've changed my 'own procedure' to first grab logs, then try to play the game again :-)




i am also unsure if that is even feasible, output logs (our engine) are generated by unity not war for the overworld.

either way this would be better placed in out suggestion forum not out bug tracker:


thanks anyways for trying to help :)

it is appreciated