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Eulenspiegel 5 år siden opdateret af anonymous 5 år siden 3

Hey there,

ehm, i have encounterd a Problem multiple times, that is not 100% crashing (it only crashes the "overlay" where you chose your buildings. spells, missions etc.)

So far, that only happens to me, when i had rallyd my troops (i play slowly and horde a lot of troops before i attack) and use the heal-Spell on them, when there for exampel attacking a Door, so when there stact a lot. The Game will continue to play and i can finish lvls with using hotkeys, but i cant click anything on the buildingtab or see the "ESC"-Screen. Everything besides the Gamepart where the action happens is stuck forever at just the second i clickt the heal upon the stack.

oh, and i doubt that its my PC, i use a on-top gaming PC + i play it as an Steam-game(up to date / i don´t know if you can play it somwhere else^^)

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We'll need your system specs and an output log from a recent play session before we're able to help you, so if you could upload those please we'd appreciate it.

https://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/118-how-to-submit-a-bug-ticket/ Should help you find the necessary information.

Hey Eulenspiegel,

Can I get you to read our help guide Missing, Invisible or Laggy UI

Completed - Resolved

We will assume this is now fixed due to the lack of reply, if this is not the case post back and we will reopen the ticket.

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