map editor menu


Hi, i've finally found some spare time to make a map I've been wanting to do in the war for the overworld world editor for some time now. It seemed to be working fine for the first few hours of using it, but i now have a strange issue, well, two really.

The first and most annoying is that the menu just seems to stop working after using it a few times in the editor within the first few minutes, pressing esc won't bring it up at all and it isn't off screen anywhere (I've changed resolutions, tried paege up and anything that would normally trigger a center or menu) and the only way out of the problem is to alt tab or alt+F4 which is frustrating as there is no option to save my progress.

The second problem is that when replacing stone walls with regular unclaimed stone walls the claimed walls won't go away, and also i seem to have imps i can't get rid of or write over, if it helps it also keeps telling me i have to use factions properly which I resolved in a previous save to my map but is now bugging me again to fix it despite it being correct and testable earlier..