Buying Charity DLC Skin fpr GOG

Predaworker 1 year ago in Brightrock Merch updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year ago 1


I visit the charity page for "cynical imp". I find link to "Steam cynical imp charity".

I only want this dlc redeem key for GOG, i try to buy it on steam. I received an error

"Votre transaction a échoué car vous essayez d'acheter « War for the Overworld - Founders Theme Bundle (Charity DLC) » qui nécessite que vous possédiez « War for the Overworld ». Veuillez corriger l'erreur et réessayer."

Am i obliged to also buy the game on steam for having the key for GOG ?

Have a good day.

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Hi Predaworker,

I replied to your other post but I'll also do so here. The widgets on the page will allow you to select either GOG or Steam keys. :) You can only pick one though.

If for some reason you can't see the widgets here are the links to their Humble pages: