missing workers skins in gog (ultimate edition)

Predaworker 1 year ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year ago 3


How to get on GOG  version these skins

-"War for the Overworld - The Cynical Imp + Kickstarter Theme + Founders Theme (Charity DLC)"

-War for the Overworld - Yogscast Worker Skin (Charity DLC)

-Prison Architect Skin

-Silver skin

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Hi Predaworker,

You can get the Cynical Imp skin and Kickstarter themes from here: http://buy.wftogame.com/charity/

The Yogscast skin thus far has been available only as part of Yogscast charity events around Christmas, it's been in two so far. There are requests to make this more readily available though it's a little complicated on that front. We'll certainly announce it if it ever becomes available in some other way.

Prison Architect skin as far as I know unfortunately is not available on GOG, this is because the unlock mechanic for it relies on using Steamworks to poll your logged in Steam account to see if you own Prison Architect. Again I'll never say this will never become available on GOG but it's quite unlikely at this point in time.

The Silver Skin has never been available to the public, it is a developer only skin.

Hope that helps.


I visit "http://buy.wftogame.com/charity/" but i don't find link to pay the charity dlc ?

If someone buy prison architect on GOG and War for the overworld, could you check on his account and validate the "prisonner skin" for gog ?

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Hi Predaworker,

The widgets are towards the bottom of the screen. These are widgets provided by the HumbleStore so payment goes via them.

Be aware the higher tier bundles contain the items in the last one and you will be given a choice between Steam or GOG keys.

On the matter of Prison Architect workers on GOG as far as I know there is no way for us to verify the products on GOG accounts and that's why I'm dubious as to whether it works or not. 

I'll try to find some time to double check the code around this but it definitely relies on Steamworks on Steam.