Oni Ashigaru Worker not available in GoG version?

zakamoto 4 years ago in Community Forum updated 4 years ago 9


I have checked on the GoG website and there is no update patch (for any OS versions - I'm using Linux). Nevertheless, I played the game today and I did not receive the Oni Ashigaru Worker. Will it be available for the GoG [Linux] version before the end of April?

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Hi Zakamoto,

The Linux version is compiled and deployed by the team at GOG, we have already provided the files but it sounds like it has not been rolled out yet.

Galaxy versions should be up to date but we will contact them regarding the Linux version first thing on Monday to see if we can get that out before the end of May.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Dear Lee,

thanks for the quick reply! As You probably know, Galaxy is not out for Linux yet so hopefully, the people at GOG will compile it in time. It would be nice if Linux-GOG users wouldn't have to wait until next year. 🤞

Keep up the amazing work!

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Typically it's only ever a matter of days, a week at most. We will see what the hold up is

We will be releasing another small update next week so it likely wont be available until after then 


GOG are now processing the update


Unfortunately, the window for the Oni Ashigaru worker has passed. But just between us you should be able to adjust your system time to before june 1st and after may 12th and unlock it anyway.

Thanks! :) I tried this "cheat" but sadly I didn't get the worker skin. I guess I'll wait for a year...

I'm sorry to hear that Zakamoto, it was a little bit of a long shot. I'm just sorry it took so long for this update to become available on GOG. :(

Hey, these things happen. I am grateful that You tried to help. Keep up the good work! ;)