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very slow outside of actual gameplay

lucyjanebrown 11 months ago in Community Forum updated by Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 10 months ago 4

Just bought this week, actual playing of the game is fine BUT amazingly long load times, stuttering and slow loading of menu \level selection screens, crashes on quitting, my laptop isn't a slouch being less than a few months old with a big gforce in and loads of ram, is this the usual experience?

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Hey lucyjanebrown,

Can you please send us your DxDiag file and you output_log.txt so we can see if something is going wrong? Typically we wouldn't expect what you're describing.

These Two Guides should help you find these files:


Sorry, lucyjanebrown we need the above info in order to look into this for you. I'll be happy to reopen this ticket if you reply

send them to where please?

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Just attach them to this ticket or email them into support@brightrockgames.com