very slow outside of actual gameplay

lucyjanebrown 4 years ago in Community Forum updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 9

Just bought this week, actual playing of the game is fine BUT amazingly long load times, stuttering and slow loading of menu \level selection screens, crashes on quitting, my laptop isn't a slouch being less than a few months old with a big gforce in and loads of ram, is this the usual experience?

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Hey lucyjanebrown,

Can you please send us your DxDiag file and you output_log.txt so we can see if something is going wrong? Typically we wouldn't expect what you're describing.

These Two Guides should help you find these files:


Sorry, lucyjanebrown we need the above info in order to look into this for you. I'll be happy to reopen this ticket if you reply

send them to where please?

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Just attach them to this ticket or email them into support@brightrockgames.com

Hey Cian Idk if ur keeping tabs on this since it seems you never replied but im also having this issue, my pc runs the game great and everythings fine but upon startup and any loading screen exiting or entering a match the game stutters and lags heavily, even after the loading has completed especially to the main menu the screens will overlap for a second before it goes to (for example) the match statistics/history page
it feels like a ram issue i was going to ask if there was a way to allocate more ram to the game?


I never bothered, stopped playing it after a while, It's not for me, I loved the original Dungeon keeper 2 and I hoped this would be as good, but it's not the same.

Sorry to hear that lucyjanebrown, hopefully, you got some enjoyment from the parts of the game you did play. Its always there to give another go if you decide you want to give it another go

Hey Catharsis,

You cant allocate more memory to the game, it should use whatever it needs automatically. If you can follow the guides here and attach the logs that would be brilliant so we can finally see some info about this issue!


For Catharsis,

Might be better if you open up a new topic (How to: Submit a Bug Ticket) for this one as it may be unrelated to the opening ticket and that one is quite old. For the sake of keeping things straight forward and ensuring lucyjanebrown doesn't receive spam from updates on this ticket.