I cant join a lobby in multiplayer/ my friend is able host(i can see him)

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i see a another guy they host, but cant join too, alert: networkerror; unable to connect server

so what we can do ?


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i cant config my router becasue its from neighbour

Не ошибка

You can either try to connect via the direct connect button or you can try a 3rd party software like hamachi.

We cant help you further if you cannot access the router

ok hamachi: we make the network and join eachother. dont work

can u plz host a game that my mate try to connect u ? he can config his own router.

call name of the game by test

we tried to find in lan and public, no work

ok now work, because i use the button direct

thx for the help


No worries let us know if you have any further issues

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