Port Forwarding isn't working

ajbaum22 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 4

I've tried port forwarding and it isn't working. I've used the thread that shows up when you google port forwarding for WFTO also and no success. Please help. My brother and I enjoy playing this together. All of a sudden one day, neither of us can host and port forwarding isn't fixing it.

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Hi Ajbaum22,

I'm sorry to hear you've been unable to connect recently also I have to apologize for my delayed response, we're currently very busy on the next update of WFTO and our response times will be longer due to that.

I trust that you've already looked at the extra points listed under 

If not can you tell me when the change in connectivity occurred, have any changes happened on your computer or network that you're aware of?



I apologize for my delayed response as well. I haven't changed anything other than my graphics card and ram. I've got my ports forwarded to 27015-27016 TCP and UDP. I can see other people's games in the list but I can't host anything. Also, I've checked the firewall allowances or whatever to make sure that firewall isn't blocking it either. I really don't know what is stopping me.

I double checked my forwarded port and found that I have a dynamic IP (duh, probably). I can eventually make a static IP when we get this figured out. However, immediately hosting after correcting the IP address produced the same results as previous attempts to immediately host after forwarding the port. It tells me, "Failed. All of the required ports to host a server are closed." What does this mean?


Hi ajbaum22,

Strange, if your connection worked before I'd expect something to have happened and if changing the port forward to your new IP Address doesn't resolve the issue we'll have to keep hunting.

For the next steps can you send me a few details:

  • Can you send me the output from your ipconfig command. To do this follow these steps:
    • Using Windows Search (assuming Windows 8+) search for cmd, open command prompt. On earlier versions you may need to use Windows key + r to open the run window and type cmd.exe
    • With Command prompt open, type the command "ipconfig /all" with no quotation marks.
    • Full screen and take a screenshot via print screen and send me the output
  • Can you also send me a print screen of the current port forwarding table in your router, this should be displayed when you go to the port forwarding tab on your router but may differ depending on your hardware
  • After that also send a print screen of the configuration input for the port forwarding rule you've added for War for the Overworld

For security purposes please email these to support@brightrockgames.com this will open up a private ticket that only you and I can see and allow us to continue troubleshooting.

As we'll be continuing our troubleshooting in another ticket I'll be closing this one.