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Hey All,

I noticed that when I wanted to change my User Echo password (profile => security) that I get the error you can see in attachment. It roughly says "This connection is not secure. Login-information inserted in here can be intercepted."

I don't think that's intended? I heard it could be that my flash player is not up to date, so to be sure I updated it to the latest version, but I still get this warning.

Just saying. :)

Unsecure connection User Echo.JPG

Kind regards!


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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Kwintus5,

The message you're seeing is because our User Echo configuration does not use SSL to secure your connection to the site. The message will be generated by your browser if you are prompted to enter details on a non-SSL secured page.

You're receiving the warning for your own benefit as it means that it is possible for a targeted attack to sit between you and user echo and attempt to gather data. You'll likely see this warning on any site that's not using SSL and requires a password. Basically it's just so you can be aware of this and use a password that would not be used elsewhere, just in case.

The chances of an attack in this manner are extremely low and because we don't deal with any financial details there's little that can be achieved by such an attack.