Dedicated graphics card requirement?

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HI all,

I bought a new laptop recently, installed WFTO and couldn't click anything/dig etc.. I had a look online and it seems like this is a common problem caused by integrated Intel cards. I used to play this game on another laptop that also had an integrated card, is this a recent development? Is there any plans to iron out whatever is causing this for us integrated card people? It seems a shame, as, frame-rate wise, the game seems to be running fine.

I miss this game!

Thanks very much,


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Hey likelehane,

We are aware of this issue and working with our UI middleware supplier to correct this.

In the meantime I recommend reading our Missing, invisible or laggy UI knowledge base article. Using DirectX9 should fix this for you, you can do this by adding -force-d3d9 to the games launch options.


I think this issue can be overcome if you install the right DirectX version. And try running the game as administrator. I don’t have any issues with the game and I am also using integrated graphics card.

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