How can I obtain a DRM-free version?

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I am an early adopter and purchased via Kickstarter looong time ago... How do I obtain a DRM-free Version via Humble?


Helpful as expected! :-)

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Hey n3ph,

The following knowledge base article should help you get your keys. If you have any issues just get back in touch. How to: Redeem your Kickstarter Game Key

I am not able to redeem any key from Humble.. I guess I just purchased the Bedrock Beta via Steam.. AFAIR DRM-free version is _only_ for Kickstarter/Humble users?


Hi N3ph,

I'm sorry to say that is indeed the case, only kickstarter backers or customers who purchased the game via the Humble Store have access to the DRM-Free build.

However we are investigating the possibility of a GOG release for an Ultimate Edition in the future, I can't confirm exact details because we don't know them yet but we hope we can arrange some sort of discount for existing steam customers using GOG Connect. Personally I'd recommend waiting for that if you're really set on a DRM-Free copy because the current DRM-Free build is noticably inferior to the Steam version due to lack of Steamworks features.

Hope that helps,


Thanks - I just wanted to have a look for a 64bit DRM-free version for Linux, as Steam is still Pain In The Ass. I really would love to see a GOG release and would be honestly grateful if I do not have to pay the full price again ;-)