Is the achievement Prison Architect impossible in WFTO?

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I've tried to do the level 6 under 15 minutes but it seems impossible. I haven't figured out how to free all the minions under 15 minutes, or how to kill the level 8-10 enemies with the ones I've freed at the time. Has anyone done it after the updates? Is it even possible to do now?

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Hennaromp,

Cheers for submitting the question. I'll have this looked into by our QA Team and get a response from them. They're our best players and if they can't do it or find it extremely difficult to do then it's definitely something we'll have to look into.

Will get back to you on this :)



Biervampir [AUT]

I hope this Video could help you.
It is an older version (1.3.1f5) but I think it doesn't become that much harder, just the endboss (Because He's lvl 10 and since 1.4 that means something, but if he should be too strong, just focus on the Gateway)

But I will look at it in the next few days and give feedback, what I think about it.

Biervampir [AUT]

Testing result:
For me it feels even easier now, due to the high converting speed and the strenghts of your minions.
Your minions are mostly 1-3 level above your enemies minions.
The hardest part was to destroy the Portal, but only if you didn't sent all your minions straight for it (my minions died but I destroyed the portal, so mission was a sucess).
I played really slow, didn't even took the Mana Shrine (had about 750-1000 mana avilable), and still was able to do this achievement (destroyed the Gateway at 14:53, so it was really close)

Yes, if you do not Slap or Obey your Workers, also do not convert Minions and do not look at your succubus, it is hardly possible.

I suggest letting it how it is, if we want to make it a hard earned achievement, if we want to make it a bit easier I would say +1 Minute, then everyone who tries to get this achievement, and tries to improve can get this achievement. But I think as more often you trie, you can still get it anyway. Further to there is a Guide and the Speedrun Video, who give some tips, additionally, you can slow down game speed.

My Tipps:

  • Watch the Video, go the same route, perhaps ignor Alchemy Lab (it will give some time, but your minions won't be that well trained, and you will miss some minions, who could help destroying the Portal).
  • [Most Important]
    When you got the Sucubuss, convert all inprisoned minions, while you're attacking (use Obey and drop them to the prop, so they won't move away). I hightly recommand, converting the Bard first, then the Inquisitor.
  • When there's payday, recall your Units
  • after about 30seconds of Payday, attack the island (if it isn't allready destroyed)
  • When you are at the 3x1 Gate, just send all your Minions to the Overworld Gateway, your minions will die, but the Portal willl get destroyed and the mission is done.
Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Alright thanks for that feedback Bohser!

I'll be forwarding this onto the Lead Designer to see how he feels the achievement should stack up in terms of difficulty, for now though we'll leave this on that it's certainly possible but continues to be tough as many of the speed-run achievements are intended to be. :)

Cheers and I hope that answers your question Hennaromp!