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Around a month ago, I made a discord account. However, I have been having trouble with it since I started, and it has now decided to lock me out entirely.

A week after making the account, the discord insisted that I was logging in from another location (Hertfordshire), even though I am using exactly the same computer in exactly the same room. I nonetheless verified this new 'location' and it let me in. I changed my password after so doing. A few days later it insisted that I had changed location again, this time Luton. Again, I verified the account, it let me in, and I changed my password. A few days after that, it said that I was in Luton again, and I had to verify it again. I changed my password yet again.

However, a few days ago, it insisted that I had changed location again. This time, no e-mail was sent to my e-mail address. Thus, I am not able to verify my supposed new location. At NO point have I switched location, and I neither live in Hertfordshire nor Luton.

What I want to know is:

1 - Why it keeps insisting that I have switched locations? I presume that this is not normal.

2 - How I can stop this, if it is possible.

3 - What to do about being locked out.

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Webbernever1,

Have to say I'm not strictly sure why it would show your location changing as you describe? How close are these locations to you? Are you using anything such as a VPN or Tunnel?

As for advice on what to do and how to avoid being locked out you'll be best off contacting Discord themselves as ultimately this is all hosted on their servers, they might be able to offer more insight.

Hope that helps,



Apologies for the late reply. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire are bordering counties (I live in Buckinghamshire).

As far as I am aware, I am not using VPN or tunnel.

I shall see about contacting Discord, thanks for your help.