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I have a question regarding the in-game resolution for War for the Overworld. Is it possible that I can set an internal resolution (not the resolution of the game itself in the options) to the resolution of my old computer (1336x768), while the external resolution is the resolution of my newer computer (1920x1080)? I only ask because I noticed that the game will begin to not run as smoothly as it would if I put the game in my current computer's native resolution. If I put it to the resolution of my older computer, it would run better, albeit with blurry-ish textures. It also doesn't fix it if I put the texture option (unfortunately I don't remember what it is called) to 100%. If there is a way to do this, or if that is not possible, let me know at your convenience. Thank you!
- Alex

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Hi IamDoom1337

Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure what you mean and what the end result you're looking for is.

The resolution in game options determines what resolution your computer renders the game at and this is sent your monitor. If your monitor has a native resolution higher than your selected resolution then the game will appear somewhat blurrier because the pixels are being stretched to fit.

If I understand you correctly then changing the resolution of the game is exactly what you want to do but unfortunately you cannot alleviate the downsides of playing below native resolution of your monitor.

Hope that helps to clarify but if not please get back in touch.



Yes, that clarifies things up what I said about changing resolutions but not being able to alleviate the downsides of playing below native resolution, thank you. I'm sorry if that sounded a bit wordy.

I do have one other question. If I could circumvent the downsides, would something as extreme as using Registry Edit might be able to do the trick? I know its a dangerous thing to do if not done correctly, but is this an option if all other possible options might fail? I do know its possible to force a game's resolution and it having it run better with native resolution in-game (i.e. forcing a resolution of 1336x768 in the Registry while the game itself says 1920x1080). Let me know what you think at your convenience. Thank you!

- IamDoom1337

Nope unfortunately that wouldn't be possible for a registry edit either for the same reasons and I'm not sure where you heard that might be the case.

Mathematically it's simply not possible. For example if you're playing on a native 1920x1080 resolution monitor you have 2,000,000 pixels, when you render the game in 1366x768 you have 1,000,000 pixels. Because you're effectively playing at half the number of pixels you could display on your monitor. As you're trying to fit 1,000,000 pixels across the whole area of 2,000,000 they're having to take up twice as much space, this causes the image to become less crisp and therefore more blurry.

Perhaps what you heard was in fact what is known as down-scaling. Where you take the game rendered at a higher resolution and display it on a lower resolution monitor. For example taking a 1920x1080 image and displaying it on a 1366x768 monitor. Because you're taking a larger image than the output you're now looking to fit 2,000,000 pixels into the space of 1,000,000. Although it's not physically possible to do we can display things in such a way that is quite intelligently handled, the resulting image will look cleaner and crisper than a standard 1366x768 image (though obviously not as crisp as a native 1920x1080 image).

Something to demonstrate this is if you have any photo editing software. Take a small image and try to increase the size, you will see that more and more detail is lost as you try to scale up the image. Likewise if you take a large image and scale it down you might find that some detail gradually is lost but the image remains rather crisp.

One thing that you might consider though is disabling Antistrophic filtering in the options menu. That's a filter that is applied to textures in an attempt to make them appear less "pixely", however it does reduce the crispness of the texture. So perhaps give that a try?

Hope that helps to clarify,



Yes, that's what I was referring to, thank you. Sorry for the late reply by the way, but i tried to disable Antistrophic Filtering in the game, but to no real effect, but what seemed to work was to turn on AF (and disabling it in game) in my video card settings, and that seemed to work fine, but for some reason I received the laggy UI problem (where it wouldn't appear for a couple minutes and would lag when it did and when I selected one of the UI tabs, it wouldn't change correctly) for some reason.

I've went out and fixed the problem by forcing DirectX 12 in the launch settings, but it doesn't make sense that I never had to do that until I went out to do what you suggested me to do. I only say that because before the laggy UI was a problem, I didn't have to force it at DX 12 settings, and this was before you suggested to me that I should disable AF in the game settings. Any idea why? Maybe I might have broke the game somehow when I was trying to change resolutions before then? Either way, I was able to solve my problem, and it now runs pretty smoothly, thankfully.

Anyways, I appreciate the help that you have provided me, and let me know at your convenience about what I said earlier. Thank you!

- IamDoom1337

what is the bare minimum I can run the game on and what if anything can I turn off and still have a decent game to play