Using Mouse Scroll Wheel in Map Editor

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Hi everyone

Just an idea from myself, I will try to explain best I can.

I have started to use the Map Editor now and have a small request/suggestion.

Best example - Once I have placed a minion, to change its level I right click on it, Left Click in the Level Window - Now all thats fine, its this next bit thats slightly annoying - I personally like to use the Scroll Whell on my mouse to navigate up and down menu's, only thing is when I do it here the view in game zooms in and out accordingly as I scroll down to select a higher level the camera zooms out, its also the same the other way around.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi MajHerbHead,

Just so you know we generally don't accept suggestions via User Echo. We have a dedicated suggestions forum for that!

I agree it would be quite useful to have and I'll see what the chances are of us doing it. I can't make any promises though, a lot of the Map Editor's features are very much the result of a lot of graft and bodging. (The end-result of a very long reaching issue with WFTOs development)

I'm going to close this suggestion here but if you want to continue the discussion you can feel free to take it to our forums!