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zixsum منذ 1 سنة تم التحديث من قبل Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) منذ 1 سنة 2

I've tried port forwarding and it isn't working. I've used the thread that shows up when you google port forwarding for WFTO also and no success. Please help. My brother and I enjoy playing this together. All of a sudden one day, neither of us can host and port forwarding isn't fixing it.

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Severe lag in last level of heart of gold

Ossorus منذ 4 سنة في General Feedback تم التحديث من قبل Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) منذ 4 سنة 2

Hi all,

Playing the last level of the heart of gold expansion and i simply had to just quite because the lag is too severe. I have a gaming laptop so don't think the issue is my hardware. Is this a known issue and is there any suggested fix/ETA for patch to fix?

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Oni Ashigaru Worker not available in GoG version?

zakamoto منذ 1 سنة في Community Forum محدّث منذ 1 سنة 9


I have checked on the GoG website and there is no update patch (for any OS versions - I'm using Linux). Nevertheless, I played the game today and I did not receive the Oni Ashigaru Worker. Will it be available for the GoG [Linux] version before the end of April?

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very slow outside of actual gameplay

lucyjanebrown منذ 1 سنة في Community Forum تم التحديث من قبل Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) منذ 2 شهر 9

Just bought this week, actual playing of the game is fine BUT amazingly long load times, stuttering and slow loading of menu \level selection screens, crashes on quitting, my laptop isn't a slouch being less than a few months old with a big gforce in and loads of ram, is this the usual experience?

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golden imp

Emuf منذ 1 سنة تم التحديث من قبل Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) منذ 1 سنة 1

can i still have a chance at getting the golden imp

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Black Screen on Startup on Windows 7

Владимир منذ 2 سنة تم التحديث من قبل Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) منذ 1 سنة 2


Upon launching the game and following the splash screen the game presents only with a black image. There is no UI nor other graphics and appears to be frozen, must be closed with Alt+F4.

Windows 7, 64bit, SP1
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 2.33GHz
GPU RV770 (radeon hd 4800)

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Resently Game crash in the middle of the game

derspielephoenix منذ 2 سنة تم التحديث من قبل Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) منذ 2 سنة 4


i have the problem that since some months, that the game crash in the middle of playing. it happens everywhere (campaigne, pet dungeon, heart of gold, etc.). it happens more often since the undergames addon. i searched for solutions and tried changing the graphics settings, but nothing chances.

my core information:

windows 7 64bit

game is patched to the newest version

my pc is only 2 years old,  so i have the ressources for the game.

i play other games at high graphic settings without problems.

i added the crash report.

i hope you can help me, cause its ruined my fun with the game :(

crash report

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Joystick axes and posesion

Xavier Gallifa Sillero منذ 2 سنة محدّث منذ 2 سنة 5

Hi all,

Im new to the game, just bought it some days ago and i have a question. When i cast possession on a creature, it become crazy, running and rotating the camera...its impossible to control it. I have a joystick+trhottle+pedals connected to the pc and i know thats the problem. Is there any way in game to change the controls to only use the keyboard when im in a creature? i cant be unplugging all the joysticks all the time... In the controls menu i have just seen the keyboard controls and the mouse sensibility.

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I am sorry but the last version of War for the overworld last patch 2.0.3 is still not released on GOG. When will it hapen?

vadim_ivanov_91 منذ 2 سنة محدّث منذ 2 سنة 2
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Freeze during battle

bgentile منذ 2 سنة في Discord تم التحديث من قبل Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) منذ 2 سنة 1

The game freezes each time I go into battle. I am on a iMac using steam, version 2.0f9. Tried reinstalling the game, restarting the computer, verifying integrity of game files, changing to a lower video resolution, unchecking ambient obscurance, unchecking antialiasing, and setting texture resolution to low. Freezes during battle. Sometimes it will unfreeze and then freeze again.

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