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zixsum 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

I've tried port forwarding and it isn't working. I've used the thread that shows up when you google port forwarding for WFTO also and no success. Please help. My brother and I enjoy playing this together. All of a sudden one day, neither of us can host and port forwarding isn't fixing it.

Not a bug

Severe lag in last level of heart of gold

Ossorus 7 years ago in General Feedback updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Hi all,

Playing the last level of the heart of gold expansion and i simply had to just quite because the lag is too severe. I have a gaming laptop so don't think the issue is my hardware. Is this a known issue and is there any suggested fix/ETA for patch to fix?


map editor menu

mskym2 3 weeks ago in Community Forum 0

Hi, i've finally found some spare time to make a map I've been wanting to do in the war for the overworld world editor for some time now. It seemed to be working fine for the first few hours of using it, but i now have a strange issue, well, two really.

The first and most annoying is that the menu just seems to stop working after using it a few times in the editor within the first few minutes, pressing esc won't bring it up at all and it isn't off screen anywhere (I've changed resolutions, tried paege up and anything that would normally trigger a center or menu) and the only way out of the problem is to alt tab or alt+F4 which is frustrating as there is no option to save my progress.

The second problem is that when replacing stone walls with regular unclaimed stone walls the claimed walls won't go away, and also i seem to have imps i can't get rid of or write over, if it helps it also keeps telling me i have to use factions properly which I resolved in a previous save to my map but is now bugging me again to fix it despite it being correct and testable earlier..


Can you please delete my account entirely?

leonsuper6 8 months ago in Misc 0

Can you please delete my account entirely?


Buying Charity DLC Skin fpr GOG


I visit the charity page for "cynical imp". I find link to "Steam cynical imp charity".

I only want this dlc redeem key for GOG, i try to buy it on steam. I received an error

"Votre transaction a échoué car vous essayez d'acheter « War for the Overworld - Founders Theme Bundle (Charity DLC) » qui nécessite que vous possédiez « War for the Overworld ». Veuillez corriger l'erreur et réessayer."

Am i obliged to also buy the game on steam for having the key for GOG ?

Have a good day.


missing workers skins in gog (ultimate edition)

Predaworker 1 year ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year ago 3


How to get on GOG  version these skins

-"War for the Overworld - The Cynical Imp + Kickstarter Theme + Founders Theme (Charity DLC)"

-War for the Overworld - Yogscast Worker Skin (Charity DLC)

-Prison Architect Skin

-Silver skin

Have a good day

Feedback Declined

Now the Game crashes after update

alexander rick 2 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 1 year ago 3

I read that after the last patch the issue is fixed that the game crashes immediatly after the start with newer intel processors.
So now it's crashing on all the others? 


empire gate wont damage


this is level 7 on campaign and no way shape or form can i damage that gate.!



williamweeks93 2 years ago in Kickstarter updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 2 years ago 1

I was a kickstarter contributer but have not played since right after release and would  like to play it again but on a different system and dont know how to get linked


Multiplayer wdoesn't work on Multi seat PC


I can't get multiplayer game working between 2 players on a Multi seat setup (have 4 different user running simultaneously on separate desks, but same PC). 

Game runs without problems in singleplayer. 

Can't the Host be on the same PC/IP?