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Can you please delete my account entirely?

leonsuper6 5 months ago in Misc 0

Can you please delete my account entirely?


Question About Game Resolution

IamDoom1337 6 years ago in Misc updated by Hoskinmage 6 years ago 5


I have a question regarding the in-game resolution for War for the Overworld. Is it possible that I can set an internal resolution (not the resolution of the game itself in the options) to the resolution of my old computer (1336x768), while the external resolution is the resolution of my newer computer (1920x1080)? I only ask because I noticed that the game will begin to not run as smoothly as it would if I put the game in my current computer's native resolution. If I put it to the resolution of my older computer, it would run better, albeit with blurry-ish textures. It also doesn't fix it if I put the texture option (unfortunately I don't remember what it is called) to 100%. If there is a way to do this, or if that is not possible, let me know at your convenience. Thank you!
- Alex