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Freeze during battle

bgentile 5 years ago in Discord updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 5 years ago 1

The game freezes each time I go into battle. I am on a iMac using steam, version 2.0f9. Tried reinstalling the game, restarting the computer, verifying integrity of game files, changing to a lower video resolution, unchecking ambient obscurance, unchecking antialiasing, and setting texture resolution to low. Freezes during battle. Sometimes it will unfreeze and then freeze again.


Locked out of discord

Webbernever1 6 years ago in Discord updated 6 years ago 2

Around a month ago, I made a discord account. However, I have been having trouble with it since I started, and it has now decided to lock me out entirely.

A week after making the account, the discord insisted that I was logging in from another location (Hertfordshire), even though I am using exactly the same computer in exactly the same room. I nonetheless verified this new 'location' and it let me in. I changed my password after so doing. A few days later it insisted that I had changed location again, this time Luton. Again, I verified the account, it let me in, and I changed my password. A few days after that, it said that I was in Luton again, and I had to verify it again. I changed my password yet again.

However, a few days ago, it insisted that I had changed location again. This time, no e-mail was sent to my e-mail address. Thus, I am not able to verify my supposed new location. At NO point have I switched location, and I neither live in Hertfordshire nor Luton.

What I want to know is:

1 - Why it keeps insisting that I have switched locations? I presume that this is not normal.

2 - How I can stop this, if it is possible.

3 - What to do about being locked out.