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map editor menu

mskym2 1 month ago in Community Forum 0

Hi, i've finally found some spare time to make a map I've been wanting to do in the war for the overworld world editor for some time now. It seemed to be working fine for the first few hours of using it, but i now have a strange issue, well, two really.

The first and most annoying is that the menu just seems to stop working after using it a few times in the editor within the first few minutes, pressing esc won't bring it up at all and it isn't off screen anywhere (I've changed resolutions, tried paege up and anything that would normally trigger a center or menu) and the only way out of the problem is to alt tab or alt+F4 which is frustrating as there is no option to save my progress.

The second problem is that when replacing stone walls with regular unclaimed stone walls the claimed walls won't go away, and also i seem to have imps i can't get rid of or write over, if it helps it also keeps telling me i have to use factions properly which I resolved in a previous save to my map but is now bugging me again to fix it despite it being correct and testable earlier..


Multiplayer wdoesn't work on Multi seat PC


I can't get multiplayer game working between 2 players on a Multi seat setup (have 4 different user running simultaneously on separate desks, but same PC). 

Game runs without problems in singleplayer. 

Can't the Host be on the same PC/IP? 


Pending Customer

Under games purchased on steam wont activate

completely removed the game and reinstalled via steam, that that campaign is still locked out and tells me to go to the steam store


Oni Ashigaru Worker not available in GoG version?

zakamoto 4 years ago in Community Forum updated 4 years ago 9


I have checked on the GoG website and there is no update patch (for any OS versions - I'm using Linux). Nevertheless, I played the game today and I did not receive the Oni Ashigaru Worker. Will it be available for the GoG [Linux] version before the end of April?


very slow outside of actual gameplay

Just bought this week, actual playing of the game is fine BUT amazingly long load times, stuttering and slow loading of menu \level selection screens, crashes on quitting, my laptop isn't a slouch being less than a few months old with a big gforce in and loads of ram, is this the usual experience?


Downgrade to 1.6

Can anyone tell me how to get back to 1.6? I installed GOG Galaxy and it upgraded my game without asking - this is why i hate Gog and steam, but now its almost unplayable and lags like a bitch all the time. I just want to get back to a working version. 


Hi Richard,

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the game in the latest version and we'd be more than happy to try and resolve these issuses separately if you would like to raise a bug ticket (How to: Submit a Bug Ticket) we'll investigate and hopefully have issues fixed for the 2.0.1 release in the coming weeks.

As far as I understand you're using GOG Galaxy which by default automatically updates to the latest version released. You can override the auto-update functionality in the GOG Galaxy client on a per-game basis or across all Galaxy games.

To disable this universally simply click the GOG logo in the top left of the Galaxy client, open settings and disable "Auto-update games" in the features list. 

For disabling auto-updates / rolling back updates on a particular game: 

  1. Select the game in your list 
  2. Click the "More" drop down
  3. Click settings
  4. In "Override features" uncheck Auuto-Updates
  5. You can then also select an older version of the game to load instead.

If you require further help with these features of GOG Galaxy may I suggest you contact GOG support as we're not the authority on the Galaxy client and they may be able to help you better than we can.




Taskbar stays on top even in Full Screen

Walter Lutsch 5 years ago in Community Forum updated by anonymous 5 years ago 2


I've been waiting a long time to finally have a computer that can play WFTO. I just got one a few weeks ago, loaded up the game and started to play. But I've found that my taskbar stays there even in a full screen game. I've tried a bunch of things to get it to go away myself but have had no luck so I'm coming here.
What I've done so far:

- Alt-Tabbed out and back in

- Set the game to Windowed and then back to Full Screen

- Shut off Classic Shell

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the game

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can still play the game but it leaves a portion of the screen blacked out and makes it tough to scroll down.


I cant join a lobby in multiplayer/ my friend is able host(i can see him)

mario kaesler 5 years ago in Community Forum updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

i see a another guy they host, but cant join too, alert: networkerror; unable to connect server

so what we can do ?


Dedicated graphics card requirement?

lukelehane 6 years ago in Community Forum updated by Alexpaul 5 years ago 2

HI all,

I bought a new laptop recently, installed WFTO and couldn't click anything/dig etc.. I had a look online and it seems like this is a common problem caused by integrated Intel cards. I used to play this game on another laptop that also had an integrated card, is this a recent development? Is there any plans to iron out whatever is causing this for us integrated card people? It seems a shame, as, frame-rate wise, the game seems to be running fine.

I miss this game!

Thanks very much,