are these bugs?

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these are something i noticed from my loaded saved game

1.existing colossus does not attack enemies, instead its just roaming around and do nothing other than playing the animation where he "thumping" his chest and release the ring explosion nova and drop golds(not actual gold)

2. whenever i drop a spirit higher than level 1 onto a creature standing on spirit chamber pedestal, that creature instantly goes to level 10 and the spirit does not disappear

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Jan - Eric Merzel
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Hello shakuras5000,

yes both of these issues are bugs, the second one is known and already ticketed though.

for the future i would kindly ask if you could report issues seperately :)

i will accept the first issue though as it is unknown for us, thanks for your report !

[Dev] Nanorock
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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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