Glacial Door + Augram Wall Health and visuals

Azeo 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 6

I've noticed that when closing the glacial door combined with the Augram wall; its health pool remains unchanged and no visual change or health change with the combined wall, the door does indeed prevent passage however.

By comparison; a fully functioning door/wall combination. Walls here are replacement earth, 75 health sand blocks in this case.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Hrm. I can't replicate this in the internal version - in my case, augrum walls bordering fully frozen glacial doors turn into permafrost as intended.

Under Review

i cant reproduce either, this may be a homerealm issue which we cannot reproduce currently due to bug introduced with hotfix f10. i will check this when said issue is resolved.

(y) I suspected it may have been homerealm issue however I had a power nap and forgot I was going to test it on another level. Tested on HoG level 3, the door functions correctly with Augram and the 4 other tested types of surrounding walls. Original homerealm works normally. FYI just checked then and HoG HR isn't working.

I noticed this, its a slight variant of this. This is on the original Home realm, these 4 glacial doors are basically the opposite. Door to normal earth; constant max health regardless of locked state. :P

Ok do note this new discovery on a loaded HoG4 with normal walls and the Glacial door.