gold piles appearing in the tavern

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I been noticing an unusual feature where gold piles are appearing around the tables in the tavern (home realm heart of gold). My minions and workers are ignoring the gold piles. I'm not out of gold storage (screen shot taken, my gold vault approx 1/5 full). After around of manually transferring the gold into the vault more gold appears around the tables. All my workers are listed as busy. I'm not exactly sure what they are doing because there are 25 of them running around.

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I also notice this, I think I got them to collect some gold with worker rally whilst having treasure room space.


Intelligent minions that dine in the tavern will actually pay for their meals (around 300 gold per visit), and drop their payment on the ground. Your workers normally should pick up the gold and carry it to your dungeon core or vaults, but it's very low and their priority list and they will only scoop up the gold if they have nothing better to do.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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it is as fireeye said just a low priority thing. i will bring this up internally though maybe we can improve on it a bit.