Black Objects Graphics issue?

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Hello, just finally bought the game. I only played it with the current patch below, so I'm unaware if this happens on other patches.

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    • Linux
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • 64bit
      • Ram: 3GB (or 2.9 GiB)
      • CPU: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz × 4
      • GPU: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RV670 (Radeon HD 3870 512 MB)
  • Build: WFTO V1.3.1f5
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Okay, so just loading up the game, this is what I see. the stuff all rotates correctly, looks fine.

Image 5

Then I started a new game and the dungeon heart is all black. After building a few rooms, I realized the main details are black too in those rooms like this next pictures.

Image 6

Image 7

Then I beat the first level and moved on to the second level. Audio, words and music acted just fine during all of this btw. So the next level, things looked the same, no difference. And with the new built rooms, I noticed it was still an issue. But the enemy rooms were impossible to see into. I possessed some minions and found that I can't see anything standing in front of a blacked out object. And if the black object or rooms was on the opposite side of a wall, it would black out objects in front of it as well. shown in next example.

Image 9

The next image shows you the minions look fine and the enemies seem to show fine when I could see them.

Image 10

Next is a Archive room at bottom, right is training room and top left is the tavern. Each room has minions in them.

Image 11

When over the enemy zone, it's all black. When I highlight the door, you can see it highlights correctly. But when I send all my minions in to fight, I can't see them in the darkness (black areas) and I can't tell whats happening at all. :-(

Image 8

Finally, when I exit the game back to main menu, the objects there are also black as well... even though in the beginning of the game start up, the objects were fine. (shown below.)

Image 12

As the final example. I took all the settings and changed them up to see if anything would make it better. Shading and lighting seems to be working fine though so I'm not sure whats happening here. Here is a screen shot of the lowest settings I'm guessing are possible.

Image 13

Also note the above image. The words on the left for what menu you're in... it's white! which looks like that even on the initial start up of game. When switching between menus, the current side menu thing lights up white too. I even notice some other menu things you choose are white in other places in the main menu.

  • output log: I'm not sure if this matters. I have the files though if needed.

I hope this is enough information to help you guys out. let me know if you need anything. Can't wait to get around to playing the game.

PS: (I'm not a linux pro. My brother is more than I and he tried to find and install a newer graphics driver in linux and it failed. He says it's really hard to fix/update graphic drivers in linux. Right now I'm using what ever open source driver installed with this Ubuntu package.

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Jan - Eric Merzel
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Could you please update your GPU drivers and see if it persists?

please upload your output_log please as well

you can find it here:

~/.config/unity3d/Subterranean Games/War For The Overworld/

Noah Hunteil Holweck

Here's the output logs: Link

As far as the driver updates. It doesn't look like there's a updated driver that works currently. The only one that exists is considered Legacy by AMD and isn't supported anymore. I sent an E-mail to a guy who figured out a way to downgrade our X-Server to patch over the driver. But that was back in 2013 and covered 2 releases ago. :-/

Here's the last updated driver from AMD: Link
Here's what that guy made (Note, it's the last post on the page): Link

Jan - Eric Merzel

Thanks for you answer, i sadly have to say (better be honest) that my linux knowledge is pretty marginal at best.

i will bring this up to our dedicated linux testers and the coders. so sadly thes resolution to that issue may take a while.

im sorry for the inconvenience

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we had a look at your problem internally and came to the conclusion that the issue is most likely caused by your graphic drivers.

In this case, we can't really help.

I had browsed through the web looking for a potential fix myself. Too bad I was not succesful.

Anyway, I do hope this guy is going to answer you soon.

My experiences with Linux are limited as well. I also had quite a few driver issues in the past which were extremely hard to solve. Maybe reinstalling might help.

Good luck.



Noah Hunteil Holweck

Just as a follow up. I went and installed Windows 7, then went and got the Windows 10 update... So Now I'm running Windows 10 and the game works now.

Noah Hunteil Holweck

Not to necro this topic. Just wanted to explain what happened for others. It was b/c the Graphics card wasn't supported anymore for drivers by ATI. And Windows 10 was given the keys to update these drivers & through windows 10 update... A few other video games later, I realized, the card just had to go. So if you're using the expensive outdated same card as mine and getting issues in b/c of drivers. Unfortunately, just give up. and get a newer better cheaper card.

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Glad to hear it's been sorted. Let us know if you have any other WFTO related issues