The Survival Prototype progresses too quickly since the Heart of Gold Update.

watershicks 6 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 6 years ago 6

In the Survival Prototype, which is my favorite thing to play, since he Heart of Gold update, it progresses way too quickly. I used to get to wave 16 regularly, now I cant get past the 1st round of behemoths which is I think wave 8.

It was overly difficult before, but now its much too difficult to be fun.

PS. This is a simple fix Im asking for, but when do you guys plan to focus on the Survival Prototype? It came out before Heart of Gold... The new additions are great but can we still get this fixed?

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cant change a frikkin timer? thanks

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I think the problem is the Behemoth, because of the 1.4 Titan upgrade.

But the Survival mode will get more attention in the 1.5.

Ok cool thanks, and that makes sense, does seem tied to behemoth, but also, the waves come out before the last wave finished.

I would also like to bug this site,, it did not give me an email letting me know this topic had a comment or interaction, which its clearly set to do, even within my account. just sayin.

There's a following button at this topic, and I think you can cjange that in your profil settings?


we have some issues with Userecho overall i will check if something simply does not work and raise a support ticket with them.

as Böhser said we will see a fully fleshed out Survival mode soon, im unsure how likely it is for us to change the existing prototype until then

can, but wont.

we have a lot of priorities to consider and survival will get a complete overhaul soon.