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Gold Rush achievement

Milkopilko 7 years ago updated by Nick Pershyn 6 years ago 9

I got 500 000 gold in about 15 minutes and just as I hit that mark I got a dialogue from the Narrator complimenting my progress. It seemed obvious I had fulfilled the gold rush achievement. I finished the level but no achievement

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we cannot replicate this issue internally.

are you playing in offline mode per chance?

no definitely not. the only thing I can think of was that I was playing at 50% game speed so more than 20 minutes of real time passed but not 20 minutes of game time


I got it this time, I played at 150% speed although its probably a coincidence. thanks for looking into it anyways!

Completed - Resolved

I actually have the same problem. Tried it several times. I tried it at 150% time too, I got it half way full at 19 minutes of the level time. Before that I did it on normal speed and got "half way there" quote at around 14 mins of the level( and completed the level at 24 mins). I did it multiple times with both in-game clocks and a real clock around that time. So, maybe my understanding of that achievement is wrong. Does it count if I put those statues in the forge, or do I have to mine them all and then put the gold, or it counts only from mining gold tiles and not statues, averes... Or maybe I have to make a treasury that can store up to 500k and store that amount of gold?

Same problem here... did you find an answer yet?

I got it. Looks like it means only gold from mining gold tiles. And since you have other means of obtaining the gold you can get past 500k much earlier than you actually mine 500k from gold tiles. I was recording during the game play when I got it. It is uploaded to youtube on my channel dedicated to games that run in Linux. Search for "War For The Overworld - Gold Rush | Linux native". It does not have any voice/guides or cuts - just a plain game play.

I've had a couple play throughs of the level and was able to unlock the achievement. It is calculated at the point that you click the forge and recreate the colossus.

I would only ever recommend playing at 100% speed as changing this can cause some issues