Heart of Gold lvl 4: Colossus refuses to break through the vault door + Dwarf sappers & Stone Knights switching sides

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Already mentioned about this in the Discord, but I might as well post a proper bug report.


Windows 7, 64 BIT

16GB RAM (16384MB according to DxDiag)

Intel i7-3770K @ 3.50Ghz (8 CPU's / 4 cores, 4 threads )

Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (6048 MB VRAM)

Build used: 1.4.0f6

Bug Description:

So yes, Heart of Gold Level 4. After killing some of the optional family members and then all those who were present at the throne room at the moment (at least the Duke and Duchess), the objective got changed to the one where you need to bring the Colossus over with the rally flag. I did just that, but when the Colossus reached the door behind which Brimstone and the HoG lay, it only proceeded to steal the gold from the Brimstone on the other side and otherwise just decided to start walking around the throne room. Paying no heed to the actual door.

Kind of a game breaking bug that one, seeing as I have no means to progress. Moving the tian rally flag to the vault, on top of the HoG, or to the area near the vault produces the same kind of a result, as in the Colossus will only walk around the place without attacking the door.

Bug #2 was that while the Colossus started making his way to the throne room and the HoG door, I decided to hunt down the last of the optional family members. The way I went ahead with playing the last map was to secure all gold and both routes from the left and right sides of the map, essentially using Underminers to break through to the library in North-West and to that lone Inhibitor in North-East. After that I rushed my units from the library after destroying the three inhibitors there to destroy the one in the center, followed by heading to the throne room from the North-East section where Duchess can originally be found.

Anyway! The second bug is that after Duke and Duchess were dead and Colossus was ordered to make its way to the HoG door, and after I had killed all optional family members, I started suddenly getting Dwarven sappers and Stone Knights on my side. When the Colossus had reached the door, I had 12 Stone Knights in my roster and my worker / imp numbers had gone from 15 (which I usually use in larger campaign maps) to 30. Stone Knights and the 15 Sappers both spawned from all the gateways, with the Stone Knights and Sappers managing to take down the Southern Gateway that is closest to your Dungeon Core.

Furthermore, the enemy units did NOT attack my Sappers and Stone Knights, rather letting them have their way with the gateways.

Both bugs appeared after I had saved my game once on Sunday 29th of May and loaded that save game on 30th of May. So the bugs only appeared after reloading the save and continuing to finish up the level in that save game.

Game output log from the session the bugs were encountered on:

Colossus not attacking HoG door & Empire Units switching to my side in HoG Level 4 -bugs output log

Game Version:
Steam Public

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Jan - Eric Merzel
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thanks for your Userecho report as well, as said i will check these issues out :)

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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We've not been able to replicate these in our latest versions. If you suffer from the issue again please let us know!


Right, will try the campaign again later this summer to get some of the missing achievements and see if the bug pops up during the fourth level again. Thank you for looking into it!

Old Cat

I thought I had the same issue when I played the map for the first time recently. Turns out you have to put rally flag before the vault door, not directly on it.

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This has been corrected alongside some other QOL improvments on this level

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