WFTO 1.4 in game UI slow to respond

Ryan Cosford 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

hi team.

Upon installing 1.4 HoG update have found that the in game UI (where you select rooms,spells,defenses etc) takes a while to respond to mouse input.

I click to select the rooms tab and it doesn't open the rooms box straight away. I then goto select a room to build and it takes somewhere between a few seconds to a minute to change the hand of evil to room placement hand.

Same goes for spells, defenses, constructs.

I've found that double clicking speeds it up slightly but when it comes to the veins of evil. I just have to sit patiently.

This happens on both normal and HoG campaigns and scenarios and skirmishes.

Prior to 1.4 this wasn't a problem

I'll upload a report when I finish work.

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Hello Ryan Cosford

could you please try the solutions provided here?


if that does not help you please come back to me, thank you

The force dx9 is already in place. On 1.3 it removed the lag almost completely

hrm well that sounds problematic.

can you upload your system specs and a output log then so that our coders can check it out.

sorry for the inconvenience

I'm finishing work in an hours time hopefully get chance to produce a log for you.


Closing due to lack of customer response.