HoG: Construction Ritual does not work on Outpost

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On level 2 of HoG, I attempted to use the Construction Ritual to complete all constructs. To my surprise, the ritual affects constructs like Underminer, but not Outpost.

At first I thought this was an anti-exploit to prevent players from using Prophecy followed by aggressive expansion over neutral territory, then I saw in a loading screen somewhere that the Construction Ritual was supposed to complete Outposts, and even used it as an example.

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Steam Public
Biervampir [AUT]


that's actually intended. Only outposts where your workers can get, will be constructed.

But I haven't tested it yet. If it still doesn't work, let us know.

Thanks for the report :)

Jan - Eric Merzel
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i just got a confirmation from Simburgur

Outposts are never constructed via the ritual in the campaign, in other mode it is.

i wil raise a ticket to change the in-game tip accordingly. This is a very detailed and interesting find thanks for the report :)

i will decline this issue as it is intended behavior and will raise the improvement internally :)