Empire units placed in an Empire Prison in the map editor don't become imprisoned after capturing it

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar 7 years ago 8

I consider doing such a thing a map design error, because it makes no sense for the Empire to do that to its fighters, it should be disallowed. There are two parts of the bug:

  • Such units are never made prisoners by the game, as indicated by their activities such as "Going to Lair".
  • Hence, after converting such a Prison they do not become your prisoners. You can harm them with Thunderbolt, for example, but their corpse/unconscious body will not appear outside of the prison. Your units will not consider them valid targets for attack though.
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I recently testet that one. Empire Units in an empire prison behave as normal prisoners after capturing the prison, so I cant reproduce the issue. (including beeing able to be picked up, get attacked by minions if freed, the "imprisoned" activity and beeing able to be converted)

Im not sure if you played the campaign, but the Empire is a place of hipocrisy and a powerful cult of kira, wich is quite fundamentalistic, so i dont see any issues in empire imprisoning empire units as heretics.

Eh, did you follow the 'in the map editor' tidbit? I have a feeling you didn't.

I did build a Testmap with 2 empire prisons, one with empire units and one with neutral units. After capturing, the Units inside had the "imprisoned" activity and did behave like prisoners should in any way, I wasnt able to cast lightning on them too. I tested that one two times, so I wasn't able to reproduce this one.

This doesnt mean it doesnt exist for you, anyways, i tried this on our latest internal patchbuild, so its likely that it has been fixed somehow during the patches. Feel free to re-report that issue if you still encounter it when patch 1.4 comes out.

Then it might be another of map editor issues, where it didn't correctly assign those units as prisoners as on map load they are technically still free despite being in the prison.

Guys, have you ever seen open bug trackers of other products? Unless there is a clear evidence something is not a bug, or was fixed already, duplicate, etc, they almost always wait for the issue creator to leave feedback on the matter if they weren't able to at least confirm the issue? Why do you close and much worse decline topics like if you are sure there is no bug at all immediately after failing to reproduce it?

Because we're a small team who don't have the time/resources to spend (or arguably waste) chasing bugs we can't reproduce (and therefore can't do anything about).

Especially if those tickets aren't actually bugs and are just things you don't like and think should change, which belong on our suggestion forums really rather than here.

For all we know, the reason we can't reproduce it is because it's been fixed in the internal build of the game and the issue will be gone next patch, which considering it's related to the prison which breaks and gets fixed every 5 minutes is entirely possible. So again, if we can't reproduce a bug, after following your reproduction steps then then there's nothing we can do unless we encounter it ourselves or get (working) reproduction steps.

Sorry if you feel like you're getting more posts declined than accepted but with such limited resources and a small dev team, it doesn't help anyone to leave tickets "open" and under review but not actually making any progress. We try and deal with tickets quickly, attempting to reproduce and then either ticketing it internally if we can replicate the issue, or declining (or asking for more info as appropriate) if we can't reproduce it.

I don't care about how many declined reports I have. But I care about being sure there was no misunderstanding and so you actually followed my instructions the way I actually meant it. In our case, can you assure me that you tried both fresh new maps (yes, you did, I just mention for completeness sake) and on an old map where I encountered it, like Stonegate (IIRC its name correctly)? Closing reports prematurely w/o making sure you sorted all possible nuances that could lead to failing to spot described issues hurts you more than anything, do you think I will keep spending my time attempting to pinpoint it if I'm not sure I won't get declined just because I'm misunderstood or something? It's frustrating and does hurt my experience in bug reporting.

P. S. And, honestly, I don't see my latest half of reports as suggestions rather as bugs, but we might have a disagreement on the definition of a bug here.

I'd rather not have a discussion about which tickets are and aren't bugs. You can see for yourself which ones aren't, because I mention the suggestions forum as an alternative place each time I have to decline one.